eCloud is a simple to deploy an on-premise private cloud.  It comes pre-configured with the Microsoft Cloud framework installed on Cisco converged infrastructure, combining software and hardware, to provide a streamlined implementation of private cloud.  It also scales simply into a Azure based hybrid cloud solution that facilitates services such as backup and disaster recovery.


What can you do in the portal?


UDT has partnered with Microsoft to customize and extend the functionality of the Azure consistent portal.  The portal provides the ability to install resources on multiple platforms:

  • Provision and manage workloads on eCloud (on-premise private cloud)
  • Manage multiple eCloud installations at remote and branch offices from the same portal
  • Provision and manage workloads on public Azure
  • Administer Office 365
  • Manage Azure Site Recovery and backup from the single portal

eCloud™ Tenant Portal


The eCloud Tenant Portal enables the provisioning of private cloud workloads such as virtual servers, applications, web sites, databases and customized templates with a single click. 

The portal offers the same user experience as public Azure, and is customized to also allow the administration of Office 365, public Azure, and Azure Site Recovery.

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Technology behind UDT eCloud™

eCloud is powered by a customized suite of Microsoft software with Cisco hardware.  As an “All-In-One” package, end-users can choose to deploy the cloud appliance on-premise or opt to host remotely in which case the appliance would reside in UDT’s secure datacenter.

Cisco Converged Infrastructure

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), bundles servers, storage and networking into a single solution for simplified installation and management.

  • Up to 29% savings in capital expenditures (CapEx)
  • Up to 34% lower power consumption
  • Cabling saving with up to 80% few cable

Cisco converged infrastructure delivers servers, storage, and 10 Gigabit networking in an easy-to-deploy, small and efficient form factor.



Microsoft® Software

eCloud is powered by the Microsoft Cloud Framework, providing a consistent user experience between both the private and public cloud.  The Cloud Framework is based on the Microsoft Cloud OS stack:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows System Center
  • Windows Azure Pack (WAP)

The stack provides a cloud platform enabling the agility, flexibility, and scalability of cloud computing, combined with the security of private cloud since all data remains on-premise.